Amy's Spiritual Butter
Ghee Made with mantra & love

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Spiritual Butter

Small Batch Ghee Made with Mantra & Love

Made in individual batches by hand, in the full moonlight and infused with mantra and love, Amy's Ghee - Spiritual Butter - is known for its delicious and healing qualities.  Ghee is one of the most ancient and sattvic foods known. Ghee pacifies pitta and vata and is okay for kapha in moderation. Ghee fuels agni (digestive fire) without overheating pitta as well as builds up rasa (internal juices).  Ghee also increases ojas (the underlying basis of immunity), improves memory and refines the intellect-Buddhi.  Ghee helps to dissolve ama (toxic waste) in the tissues and aids in eliminating them through the digestive track.  Ghee helps balance excess stomach acid and helps maintain/repair the mucus lining of the stomach; it enhances digestion and absorption and regulates elimination.


Use ghee in soups, grain dishes and on vegetables. Ghee is difficult to burn making it useful for sautéing or stir frying.  Ghee can be used as a carrier for herbs – its penetrating qualities carry healing substances deep into the tissues. Mix ghee and turmeric to form a paste and apply to burns to stop the pain.  Rub ghee under the eyes to soften fine lines and wrinkles. Ghee is also said to lighten under eye circles. Rub ghee in the nostrils to stop nose bleeds and headaches. Massaging the feet with ghee can help promote deep sleep. 

Store your ghee at room temperature in the covered jar.  Keep out of direct sunlight and heat.  Always use a clean, dry spoon to scoop out your ghee.